Comments for Cars Land opening day commercial places CG Pixar characters into real-world Radiator Springs at Disneyland


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I just cannot believe how stunning Carsland turned out to be.

    Beuna Vista Street is GORGEOUS too.

    I was in California last November and had the chance to go to DCA for free if I wanted…but I had zero interest in going there. I went to Disneyland instead even though I had to pay to go there (my friend had free passes to DCA for some reason, but not for Disneyland).

    Now, I actually WANT to go to DCA and will probably plan to spend two days at Disneyland Resort so that I can have a day in each park.

    So I bet a lot of people feel this way now and all the work put into Carsland and Buena Vista Street have paid off!

  2. Mitchell

    Any pictures of Buena Vista Street?

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