Comments for Walt Disney World to “Carbon-Freeze Me” at Star Wars Weekends 2012, creating custom carbonite figurines with fan faces


  1. Kaitlin

    Any idea on the size of the figurine???

    1. Ricky Brigante

      As it says above (though a little buried in the text), the figurine will be 8 inches tall.

      1. Kaitlin

        lol i swear i went back to fund the size but didn’t see it! thanks for the help. I’m on hold for them now!

  2. Brian

    When they say faces must be clean, are they referring to clean shaven or just clean as in not dirty, lol.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Not shiny/sweaty and no make-up. I suppose it interferes with the 3D scanning process.

      1. Scott B

        I can promise the no makeup part but now the shiny/sweaty part, it is Florida after all.

        1. Scott B

          *not the shiny/sweaty part

  3. Rafa

    el tamaño es de 8 in.

  4. amanda haas

    I am so incredibly jealous. If I only lived in FL, I would be there.

  5. Jim

    any word if they will extend this beyond Star Wars weekends??? Will be there at the end of August/Beginning of September and would love to have this done!

  6. Suzanne

    I had this done. It’s about 12″ high (random guess) and was so much fun. You can wear make-up and such. They give you a headband to remove hair from your face. This will run for 2 more days. However, they said this is a test run to see how popular it is so they might expand this in the future. I cannot wait to receive mine in the mail.

  7. chris

    We just got our figure in the mail and I was very disappointed. First off my husband and son were done at the same time yet only my sons has arrived so far. Secondly, I can’t tell by looking at it if it’s actually my son or my husbands face, the only reason that I know it is my sons is because his name was on the package. For $100 I would have liked for it to actually LOOK like one of my boys. I was very excited about this, but now I have serious buyers remorse. What a waste of $200.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      That’s disappointing to hear. You can tell mine turned out great from my update report here: http://www.insidethemagic.net/2012/07/carbon-freeze-me-update-custom-figure-arrives-from-walt-disney-world-a-most-impressive-star-wars-collectible/

      It’s a surprisingly perfect likeness of me. But I did think the child examples they had on display looked a little odd, especially when putting a kid’s face on a grown man’s body. I’ll be interested to find out if your husband’s looks better.

  8. Carri

    You wouldn’t happen to know who I could call to ask about the shipping date. My son had his done on may 27 and we haven’t recieved it yet…

    1. Ricky Brigante

      877-560-6477 or email merchandiseguestservices@disney.go.com

      1. Carri

        thank you for the information…I’ll try these..

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