Comments for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee roll out for Transformers: The Ride 3D grand opening at Universal Studios Hollywood


Credit: Universal


  1. Ridisneyfan

    Ricky: As we vicariously live through your experiences:Thank you for this coverage.

  2. Jeff Lynch

    Ricky is my favorite reporter. He always gets the big scoops and is always so positive and nice in what he writes. He is never an Eeyore and always finds the good in whatever is happening. We are all blessed to have him as our ace reporter.

  3. OT

    It looks like it was quite a struggle to get this on tape, Ricky, but you did great. Thank you so very much. The red carpet pictures look wonderfull to. Wish they would make a Transformers float in Orlando judging on those awesome characters!
    Maybe we see this attraction in the future in Orlando. Thanks again, amazing job!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      You have no idea how much of a struggle it was. The red carpet was jammed shoulder to shoulder and I was positioned near the end of it. Fortunately I did get a few good interviews there, which I’ll be posting very soon. Immediately after that, I had to rush to find a spot to shoot the opening ceremony. After some confusion as to who was supposed to stand where, I eventually found my way to the front of a large group of people, including VIPs and Universal’s own cameras. I was still setting up my tripod when the ceremony began, which is why the beginning of the video is a bit shaky. And when Optimus and Bumblebee emerged, I was literally pushed from behind by several photographers all holding their cameras up in the air over my shoulders and head to get the shot. It’s a battle sometimes… but worth it!

  4. Kyle

    Its not about being an “eeyore”- we appreciate objective reporting because not everything Disney does turns to gold. Ricky does a good job balancing his disney fandom with being a real reporter and giving his true take on the news.

  5. MouseEarredPirateChild

    My husband is going to freak out when he sees this. Its just so cool to see these characters shown in both forms…especially as Autobots!!

  6. Gideon

    Singapore is even better they have a life size EVAC robot there!

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