Comments for “TRON: Uprising – Beck’s Beginning” episode now online from Disney XD, a prelude to the TV series debuting in June


  1. Kevinjay51

    The uploader has not made this video available to your country….great

    1. Akemmi

      Yeah, same problem :S (Scotland – UK)

  2. Jeany Sanchez


  3. I’m pretty sure I heard a little bit of Daft Punk in there, but they do an amazing job with the original music. I’m a little confused at how this fits into the film continuity and the period of mystery between Tron being Tron and becoming Rinzler…

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It sounds very much like Daft Punk – but isn’t. The musician for the show, Joseph Trapanese, worked with Daft Punk in the creation of the “Tron: Legacy” score, so the similarities are there. Even the main theme is essentially the same, but with the actual notes changed.

  4. Jaren

    This looks pretty good!

  5. We watched this while here at Disneyworld. Great show for the first episode, animation reminds me of Aeon Flux.

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