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  1. Jeff Lynch

    I know who Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman are — but I had never heard of The Avengers until a few months ago. I was surprised to learn they have been around since the 60s. I think they are friends with Spiderman and the The Fantastics, whom I have heard of. I didn’t see the Iron Man or Thor movies and didn’t even hear about a Captain America movie. I guess I need to pay attention to this stuff more now that Disney owns Marvel.

    1. Stan

      LOL! I like how the anonymity of the web allows people to ‘fess up and let everyone know not only how much they know, but also how much they DON’T know 😉

      It could be a regional thing. I know that in the UK, THE AVENGERS name is more associated with an unrelated TV show. So I could imagine these Marvel characters possibly not being familiar to some people.

  2. Andy

    I can’t wait! I’m doing the marathon tomorrow! All 6 movies in the theater!! Super pumped now!!

  3. Rick

    Thanks for the review. Although I had every intention of seeing this movie no matter what the reviews said, now I am just that much more excited to see it.

  4. JJ Harvill

    Fantastic review, Ricky. I’m going to see it tomorrow night at midnight and I am THOROUGHLY looking forward to it. Reading reviews that praise the film are so great and knowing that I’m going to see an amazing superhero movie is such a good feeling. Plus, this being Disney’s first Marvel movie, it’s a big step up for them already!

  5. Peter

    Can’t wait to see it!

  6. Dustin

    Do you think it’s worth it to see in 3D? Ok to watch for a first time 3D viewer? Hoping to go see it this weekend and can’t decide on all the choices. regular, 3D, IMAX 3D experience. lol

    Great review.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      3D is not necessary but does enhance some shots. My eyes grew tired of the 3D by the end of the film because there are so many fast cuts and action scenes.

  7. Ashley

    I am a die-hard DC fan, so when a group of co-workers from Dish invited me to watch The Avengers I thought, “no problem.” I was blown away with how much fun this movie is and that it’s still a phenomenal, action thriller. I even went as far as watching the Avengers cartoons on Dishonline to better understand this newly introduced superhero team, and I’m liking them more and more! I’m looking forward to the Dark Knight, but now that I’ve seen The Avengers, I’m having my doubts about Dark Knight being the best movie of the year.


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