Comments for Walt Disney World to highlight “What’s New, What’s Next” for Test Track, Splitsville, New Fantasyland, and more


  1. Jeff Lynch

    Ricky —

    When you are on your tour can you PLEASE ask this question: Why is the Seven Dwarves Mine Train not going to open until 2014 if it’s already under construction now? It seems like it’s scheduled for a construction that lasts two years…and it just seems like a long time for it to be built.

    Can you ask what’s up with that?

  2. There are so many exciting and new things happening at Walt Disney World. It is sure to be a great year!

  3. Bobby

    What about Pleasure Island? Can you ask about PI if they don’t bring it up?

  4. Allison

    So, aside from Fantasyland growing which was their main event the last 2 years of announcements, mainly in venues which you have to pay for (restaurants) and character greetings, and bowling alley which you pay for, and GMs paying to make test track more of an advertisement for its cars than now….this will be another year where Disney cheapens out. Despite HUGE increases in crowds in parks and cut backs at every corner for dining to not even opening as many turnstiles and installing fast passes which will reward only those paying extra staying at resorts, this is is another disappointing Disney year. It’s time for a new “Walt” to step onto running the company and not a banker. No wonder we are spending less of our time and money at Disney and they lose shares to competing parks with better value.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Allison —

      Life is so short and precious that negativity is always a waste of time. I feel sad for you that you choose to stroll on the dark and gloomy side of the street instead of being excited about all the great things that are coming to the parks soon. There’s always a choice between complaining and bemoaning things and choosing to enjoy them…and I hope some day you learn to choose to enjoy things and celebrate life instead of raining on parades.

  5. Kathie

    Are you crazy,putting down Disney??? Do you even realize how fantastic all the new attractions are and how lucky we all are to be able to be here? There are thousands of children and families that would gladly put up with the lines and less turnstiles if they could! Please stay away if you cannot”put on a happy face”!

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