Comments for Walt Disney World debuts Vision House on Earth Day featuring ‘green’ products for the home showcased in Epcot’s Innoventions


  1. Angel Adams Ziegler

    Wow to go Disney! What an awesome concept to offer the average family to experience so they can see that Eco friendly living can be a reality for everyone. Can’t wait to visit next month.

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I’d like to know if the practical consequences of some of these “eco friendly” gadgets are presented. At one job I had, when they remodeling the office, they installed eco-friendly toilets. Problems arose almost immediately, because the toilets wouldn’t actually flush down all of the waste. It got pretty disgusting. Water usage went way UP because instead of one flush, it took about 5 or 6 to actually clear the bowl. Sometimes “eco-friendly” sounds great but in reality causes more harm to the environment because the products just aren’t any good.

    1. OT

      In the Netherlands most homes are eco friendly (in comparison to the US homes). Energie efficient appliances are the rule and enforced by the goverment as is isolation of homes in walls and duble or tripple windows. You will have a hard time to buy regular lightbulbs instead of the led bulbs we have in our house (at least for 15 years).
      I also worked in a office where toilet water was mostly collected rainwater and that worked wonderfull. If there wasn´t enough rainwater, tab water was added. I´m afraid you had indeed a bad experiance but that is not how it should be.
      I hope the US is getting more energie efficient because they are responsible for 25% of all of the polution worldwide, for the sake of our kids and health.

      1. Nick Lewis

        The United States is not responsible for 25% of the world’s pollution. In reality, it’s closer to 15%. China is the largest source of emissions at just over 24%. I think you’ll also be happy to know that the United States is ahead of most other countries in pollution reduction. Air and water quality have improved significantly since the beginning of the 1980s. Also, energy-related carbon emissions have fallen to the lowest they have been since 1992. With the help of clean, cheap natural gas, and other renewables, the United States is quickly becoming one of the most eco-friendly countries on the planet today.

  3. Duncan McPherson

    We have missed the House at Innoventions. its nice to see it back where it belongs and bigger than ever 🙂

  4. NoAssemblyReqd

    Ashamed to admit I rarely spend more than 15 minutes in INNOVENTIONS, but considering the lack of true gatebusters in Future World in recent years, I’ve determined to get a few quality hours in there on my next trip.

  5. Brian_WDW74

    I like the new layout and the fact that you can now interact with the products, most of which appear to have been newly installed for the Vision House. But the toilet is actually a holdover from the old House of Innoventions exhibit. Not that this makes the toilet any less cool. 🙂

  6. Ann E. Ruthsdottir

    Some interesting concepts. The decor is soo horible, it is sometimes hard to get past that.
    I would like to know how those corner shelves work. What is the other suppost besides the 2 side rails?

  7. Valerie

    We enjoyed going through the house! We absolutely loved the countertops as well as many other features to adopt into our home. Thank you, Disney!

  8. Charles Kocher

    There was a “dog” made out of recycled newsprint or magazines, on a shelf in the bedroom, and the guide said we might find directions on the web …. can anyone lead me to it?

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