Comments for Walt Disney World debuts PhotoPass+, adding attractions and dining in new photo package


  1. Sarah

    I love this idea but would be more willing to purchase it before I get there…hopefully they will make it an option eventually.

    1. You can! If you go to this website, you can purchase the pre arrival cd at a discounted price of $149 ($20 less), up to 14 days prior to your arrival.

  2. Matthew

    I like the idea, but seems to me they need more photographers roaming the parks to pull this off. I got the regular PP for our February trip and only had 84 pictures, including the stock photos. I just think they need to look at how and where pictures are taken. Sure, you want the landmark icons of each park, but the best shots we got were from a photographer roaming and taking candid pictures of the kids I would like to see more of that type of opportunity.

  3. Jeff Lynch

    I still don’t understand how this photo thing works. Do you hire a photographer to follow you around all day like paparazzi or something? I don’t get it.

    1. Jennifer

      There are photographers stationed around the parks. You just walk up to them and hand them your card. They scan it and then take your photo. All your photos are linked to that card barcode. No matter how many different photographers you go to, as long as you give them your card to scan it saves them. Then you can either go online or one of the viewing stations to see all your photos.

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