Comments for Video: Storybook Circus tour led by Imagineer Chris Beatty with story behind Dumbo, Barnstormer, and Train Station


  1. eric wilson

    Good to see the facial hair rule is going well. Chris didn’t even shave hos cheeks for this video. What a joke. He looks like crap!

    1. Jeff Lynch

      That’s not very nice to say, especially since this man took the time to make such a great and informative video. I think he looks great and I am grateful for the info he provided.

  2. OT

    Did someone ask about the side of the tent that looks horrible from the coaster and the back of the tent that looks awefull from the tomorrowland speedway ride?

    1. Jeff Lynch

      With so many great and imaginative things happening, why focus on the stuff you think is “horrible” and “awefull” (sic)? Can you think of two things that you really love about Fantasyland’s new circus and focus on that?

  3. Jeff Lynch

    It’s funny that in the year 2012 that Chris had to say the thing about “it’s not real peanuts so don’t freak out”. Clearly, that’s because of the peanut allergy hysteria and the fear of people trying to sue because they’d claim their child was hurt because he/she touched peanuts in the pavement. Listen for this remark at the beginning of the video — it was an interesting insight. Also a commentary on how reactionary some people out there can be to the smallest things.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I laughed (to myself) in person when he said that. It shows Imagineering is paying attention to feedback, no matter how inane.

  4. itsepcotcenter

    “Dumbo #2”

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