Comments for Themed Starbucks coffee locations announced for all Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks


  1. frostysnowman

    This is a pretty big deal. I wonder if they are taking over any of the bakery spaces currently occupied by Nestle? (Can Starbuck’s also sponsor the Wonders of Life pavillion so we can reopen Cranium Command?!)

  2. Bryan Irrera

    Don’t know about Animal Kingdom, but I think that in Hollywood Studios they should be placed in the “Streets of America” area, in Magic Kingdom AND Disneyland they should be in Tomorrowland (so they can play with “STAR”bucks as part of the theming) and in Epcot, they should either replace the Fountainview in Future World or add them to the Liberty Inn in American Adventure…

    1. Brian

      I agree on it being in Tomorrowland. They could call it Jett Jitter’s Java-port. As for DAK, it would probably fit best in the Oasis or Harambe. Some African countries grow coffee and a tea-like bush called Rooibos (pronounced Roy-bose), and that would fit into the theming if they served rooibos there as well. It would also fit in Anandapur near Expedition Everest. They could serve chai lattés.

      Oh boy, look at me rambling on.

  3. Nick

    I think it would be pretty cool if they worked Starbucks into Belle’s village in Fantasyland 🙂
    I love the new Starbucks logo 😉

  4. Clay Matthews

    As a coffee addict (well: dependent, not addicted) – that goodness for this. It always struck me as strange that as genuinely outstanding as the WDW experience is, one cannot find decent coffee outside of Morocco. (Kina wish I was there right now…)

    If that really became the new in-parks logo for Starbucks it I would be buying yet another coffee cup souvenir. I think it’s fantastic!

  5. Sydney

    I instantly imagined a starbucks being Gastons Tavern. Time will only tell.

  6. Mark

    Finally! This is great news. These locations can’t open soon enough. Can’t believe it took this long!

  7. Jeff Lynch

    I just want to caution people who casually use the word “addict”. If you say you’re “addicted to coffee” you’re misusing the word. What you mean to say is that you are “caffeine-dependent”. My brother is an addict and put our family through a nightmare with his drug abuse. Someone who really loves coffee and feels they must have it every day is not an addict…though caffeine dependency is a real thing.

    1. Clay Matthews

      Excellent point – and addiction is, sadly, part of my family history as well. That’s why I clarified my post. Well said.

  8. billy

    This is awesome finally good coffee for my addiction!!! Before you couldn’t get a decent cup anywhere. Well played Disney!!!!

  9. Sandra

    The starbucks logo is not a mermaid is a melusine!!! So I don’t think Ariel has nothing to say!:P

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Eh… details… 😉

  10. Angie

    I am holding out for them to come to the RESORTS. That is where I get my morning coffee!!! But this is definitely a step in the right direction!!!!

  11. Will

    I think that in the magic kingdom it should be in liberty square or part of the new fantasyland and in DAK I think it should bein harambe village in Epcot it should be in the world showcase and in Hollywood studios it should be in the streets of America

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