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  1. Jeff Lynch

    Ricky –

    You always photograph food so well — I mean, it looks professionally done. Food can look terrible if someone doesn’t know what he’s doing when he shoots it…but wow, when you take pictures of food, it’s always so delicious looking. You are talented!

  2. Regular Listener

    I agree with your assessment of Palo, as we had eaten at both this and Remy (on the Dream but I assume the menus and ambiance are the same on the Fantasy). The one thing that concerns me, however, is that you mentioned that it was a great bargain — it is, indeed, equal to or better than Remy at a fraction of the stated extra charge; BUT — I’m really afraid that a lot of guests may think they should just tip based on the price they paid, not what the equivalent meal would cost elsewhere (as they politely point out when the meals are booked). Both restaurants would easily cost about $100 per person in the “real world” or more at WDW.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Excellent point! Though Palo costs only a $20 per-diner premium, it’s a meal worth far more than that. Since meals are already included in the price of a cruise, this $20 meal is actually valued at a much higher price. Just imagine what it would cost if my wife and I went to a nice Italian restaurant and ordered antipasti, two appetizers, soup, salad, three entrees, and four desserts, plus sodas and glasses of champagne. We’d easily run up a bill of more than $200 between the two of us. And yet at Palo, it costs just $20 each, on top of the price of going on the cruise itself.

      I should note that like almost everything on this media preview cruise, we did not actually pay the $20 premium here. Disney picked up the tab for that and gratuity. But we gladly will pay the $20 each for the same dining experience next time, on our own dime.

  3. JIMMY

    Im having trouble on selecting one night out of the 4 night cruise to dine at Palo. I dont want to miss the other magical restaurants and of course the fireworks

  4. George

    I couldn’t agree more! We just returned from our first cruise aboard the Fantasy and Palo is exceptional. It is more than worth the $20 “up charge” – – and, in my view, is one of the finest restaurants at any Disney establishment (and we have been to many!)
    Interestingly enough – – our choices for Entree were identical to yours!!

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