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  1. Jeff Lynch

    Okay, I don’t get it. What’s “rotational dining”? I have no idea what this means. Sorry if it’s obvious to other people but I have never been on a cruise so I don’t understand.

    1. MickeyFan

      Disney does Rotational Dining which means that you rotate which restaurant you are in each night. On your first night you may have Enchanted Garden, then next night Animator Palate and then next night Royal Court. If your cruise is longer than three nights you will do each restr. at least twice. The neat thing is that your server follows you so you have the same server that knows you and follows you to each restaurant. The confusing thing here is that this poster made it seem like the food was in conjunction with the Restaurant. That actually isn’t the case (unless they changed this on the newest ship). The menus are the same in all the restaurant on the same night.

  2. Laura

    Your review of the Disney Fantasy dining experience is extremely jaded and unfair to the Fantasy. Simply because you ” don’t eat seafood” doesn’t mean the food is unappetizing. Many people love “seafood.” I don’t even understand the statement: seafood is of such variety, I have no idea how one could take a broad brush stoke to everything. It’s the same as saying you won’t eat any plants, knowing a pineapple is so different from lettuce which is different from corn! Your article comes across as petty, you as close-minded, and quite unfair as a “reviewer.”

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Actually my point was quite the opposite. Seafood is indeed a category of food. I have tried numerous types of fish and other creatures from the sea and disliked almost all of them. The very smell of a seafood restaurant turns me off. There are a select few seafood items that I enjoy and will gladly eat, but only a few.

      So with that said, I wasn’t pointing out the fact that my wife and I don’t eat seafood as a negative, instead noting it for anyone else that shares the same taste. If you’re not a seafood eater, then some of the menus onboard won’t work out well for you, as they didn’t for us. Likewise, if there’s a menu full of meat, it’s safe to say a vegetarian won’t enjoy it. Your comparison to “plants” isn’t the same.

      You’ll also notice I didn’t specifically review any of the seafood. If I did, my opinions would have been worthless, as I don’t like most seafood. Instead, I focused on the non-seafood options. I’ll let someone else who does enjoy seafood give the rest a shot.

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