New Test Track concept art offers preview of Walt Disney World ride update as Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot

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Today is the first day of Test Track being closed at Epcot, with Disney giving it a major makeover themed to the new “Chevrolet Design Center.” As such, the section of the Walt Disney World web site devoted to the attraction has been given its own mini makeover, featuring a first look at a bit of concept art for the update.

Most prominent in the new artwork the new design for Test Track’s ride vehicles, several of which have already been making their way around the track for a few months:

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Chevrolet Design Center vehicle - Test Track at Epcot

Outdoor track - Test Track at Epcot

When it reopens in fall 2012, it appears the popular high-speed ride will still exist under the name “Test Track,” sporting a newly refined logo and the tag line “sponsored by Chevrolet.”

That logo area may also represent the new attraction sign, posted near or even over the ride’s entrance on a massive scale.

Other areas of the new artwork appear to show off more of what will be part of the Chevrolet Design Center interactive queue, which will allow guests to design their own vehicles and then ride their designs aboard the new “SimCars,” ultimately given a score or rating in the post-show.

It’s a bit hard to make out, intended as a background element to the overall image, but the area shown above looks like a workstation with small vehicles and perhaps touch screens – a bit of speculation. There’s also what appears to be a car broken down into various components. Judging from the railings wrapping around that “exploded” view of the car, it’s likely the workstations will be placed throughout the queue, allowing guests to work on their designs while waiting in line, with the car in the middle showing off various pieces that can go into a car’s design. Again, it’s speculation, but it seems likely based on what little is known about the future of Test Track.

At the bottom of the image, white silhouetted people appear to be either pointing at large screens or perhaps even manipulating big touch screens.

The background of the opposite side of the image appears to show a room with a uniquely-designed car sitting in the middle, surrounded by posters or monitors displaying other cars – yellow and red – with a table or two underneath. This could be another queue area or could represent a new show scene, perhaps the final stage of design before launching out onto the exterior portion of the track, presumably shown by the artwork.

It’s difficult to make any conclusions about this particular area, only more speculation. But the artwork does at least give an idea of the new design-centric aspect of Test Track that will be featured when the attraction reopens in a few months.

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