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  1. Tiffany

    Wow!!! I remember all of these rides!!! Thank you for sharing these great memories!

  2. Monty

    I’ve never made this connection before until seeing these photos, but the little red devils from Mr. Toad have an amazingly similar appearance to Figment, as though the one in the photo was Figment’s evil twin. They both have similar curves in their body shape. They both have “two tiny wings”. They both feature human-ish hands (although that can be seen in most classic Disney characters), and they both have a set of horns (albeit Figment’s are “horns of a steer” as opposed to of a devil and look much less imposing.

    Thanks for sharing these pics and the news that these attractions live on (in some way). I would have probably never made the connection described above without seeing the photos next to each other.

    Thanks Rickey

    1. oswaldandmickey

      I thought the exact same thing! I was too young to remember those rides, and I just assumed the devil was from Journey into the Imagination!

  3. frostysnowman

    Thanks for sharing these photos. Horizons was my favorite of the original Epcot attractions and I always picked underwater as my future lifestyle.

  4. Great pictures! I always wondered where old rides were laid to rest. Glad to see the artistic creations were not destroyed.

  5. Abre

    Not sure if this is right place for this but I was trying to figure out prices for a collection that fell into my lap and this seemed like a god place to start. If I offend anybody, I apologize… not meaning to spam anybody just don’t know where to go … suggestions welcome! Otherwise…Does anybody have interest in( or know who might )purchasing a collection of the Alice in Wonderland singing daffodils, rose, tea cup and some other props from the ride?? If so, email me at abrebaughman (AT) yahoo

  6. Jerry Curry

    I know all to well the disappointment at loosing such a wonderful ride as was Mr. Toads. From the experiences I had as a child to being a part of the demolition crew at the time of its dismantling. I remember how unsettling it was watching with extreme prejudice as the place was torn apart. Canvases painted so many years earlier were ripped off of the make-shift walls for 10 per hour. The back drops had been attacked with reciprocating saws and reduced to trash. I was born the year Disney World opened and held Walt Disney personally responsible for many of my most cherished childhood memories. I assure you that I held mixed emotions throughout my limited time at Mr. Toads. I can also assure you that I wasn’t leaving that job without some of my memories coming home either. One morning an hour earlier than scheduled I walked into the park and proceeded to retrieve my childhood innocence, favorite cartoon characters, and my stash. I left pushing a cart with the crooked weasels, the Madame Sara” sign, the

    1. Jerry Curry

      The Gypsy boy and a few of the signs. I tried to secure the cop dogs but a juvenile laborer cut it down like left out roadside garbage. That’s when I lost my job. I had an altercation with the ignorant kid who happened to be the forman and was quickly fired thereafter. I only regret my impatience at schooling the young fool so that I could have obtained some more of my past. I still have the collectibles and have been featured on the front page of newspapers with them. Now they are being passed down to my children and I hope my children find a fraction of the happiness I found from this and many many other attractions Disney has to offer.

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