Comments for Full Preview: Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular lagoon show delights film fans with immersive tribute at Universal Orlando


  1. Tryg

    Universal Cinematic Spectacular: A Tribute to All Our Movies, but mostly Back to the Future. 😉

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Hah! Yeah, between clips and music, there’s definitely an emphasis on Back to the Future, but I don’t think anyone is complaining.

  2. Kitty

    I was excited to see it, but to be honest it felt kinda weak. It’s pretty much an extended versiön of the Universal Hollywood Tram Tour queue video on a water screen. Unlike World of o.or where the water was part of the show, the water here was pretty but pointless. It felt like they could’ve improved the show by showing less clips and instead giving more scenes where the water could be mixed with effects. For example, Burning tracks of water going to the screen on back to the future. Live actors coming out of the screen in costume. Or even the Water World jet skis jumping out through the screen during a clip.

    I’m not saying its bad. But it really felt redundant pretty early.

  3. Jamie Clelland

    This look like the best universal show yet and very well thought out clips and the timeline fits together and narration is great! clearly alot of work went into this.

    I feel the water/fog screens are a bit of a waste probably would have been best as Large LED or just a classic projection screen. as aesthetic-ly these would also be able to store down during the day.
    The greatest part about them is the projection spills onto the building at the rear which I think would have been more innovative I remember they did that they did that in the show before the show with the orbs (Universal 360?) projecting on to the MIB building. projection image mapping has moved on so much if they could automate more of building lightning at the park i’m sure film scenes on the side of park buildings would look great.

  4. Chris

    I watched it in person and my question is how does the water screen work when it does shapes and geometric moving designs. I told my friend that it was just one SOLID wall of water that NEVER changed and they projected lights and darks on it but he insisted that there are places that the water jests are turned off to create spaces in the screen which would take an amazing amount of timing and planning..please send me a link to see how it was actually done

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  6. MAP88

    Does anyone know what film scores or sound track music they used for the show or perhaps where I could find out?

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