Comments for Fan criticism sparks minor makeover for The Little Mermaid ride as Disneyland replaces ‘soft serve’ hair and CG animation


  1. Afgf

    Not a good idea…

  2. It only very recently occurred to me that people didn’t recognize the swirly up-do as a direct reference to that part in the film. I thought surely people must have realized the reasoning behind that decision. I admit that it might have been helpful to have some fish swirling around her hair in the ride, but it seems a shame to change it already just because some people didn’t get it.

  3. I don’t think it’s a matter of people getting it so much as it just looks weird. I took my girlfriend who is probably on the lowest totem of the Disney fandom totem pole, and while she got the reference, she didn’t really like the hair either.

  4. Jeff Lynch

    I never thought to call that hairstyle “soft serve”, but now that I’ve heard the term I will never, ever be able to see a pic of that hairstyle without thinking of ice cream. I only got to ride this attraction once and I will say that I was disappointed at how Ariel looked in that part…and I was also disappointed in the CGI that just looked awful. I remember thinking it looked like it was from a video game or something. So I am really glad they made these changes and I am excited to see the new look for those spots!

  5. MM

    Will it be different than the WDW ARIEL RIDE?

  6. Brian

    Thank God their getting rid of Ariel’s B-52’s beehive hairdo! Personally, I think they should have left her hair and changed the song to Rock Lobster.

  7. chris douglas

    Good-bye Dole Whip hair

  8. Nick

    But I like strawberry ice cream 🙁

  9. FS

    I gotta say, I was actually fine with the way the ride was, but its always great to see upgrades and improvements.

  10. Carlos

    I realize that the hairstyle is in regards to the scene in the movie, but I feel like in the ride it’s out of context and it just looks like her hair, which is normally around her, is just frozen on top of her head. And the head movements really make it stand out even more. I’m definitely looking forward to that change.

  11. Dan

    I cannot believe that Disney, absolute masters of water effects, did not make this ride into a water spectacular. Like scenes from Splash Mountain, and areas around the old Journey Into Imagination, and all the waterfalls, I can’t believe they gave us a plastic ride, for Mermaid. How disappointing.

  12. Logan

    Really that’s what people had to complain about? I was more upset that they left out the fight with Ursala and you could briefly see her. If anything I would have preferred an add on. Either way the ride is my favorite and I was happy to get stuck in it twice.

  13. Anyonomous

    People just need to calm down and stop complaining about everything. Not everyone sees it as you do. Whatever works for Disney let them be. Besides you paid to go in a ride it and you thought it was cool until someone points it out and you completely agree with it. It’s dumb. It’s fine the way it is

  14. Kyra

    Seriously? That’s what people are complaining about? If anything I was mad that they left out the battle scene with Ursula! But her hair… You’re kidding. She looked fine.

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