Comments for Disney Fantasy voyages filled with character meet-and-greets around the cruise ship and on shore


  1. Nick

    The character experience aboard the Fantasy was probably the best I’ve ever experienced. They memorized names, had full blown conversations, and even played with my entire family, unlike the usual smile and pose operation at WDW. The best character on board for me was Ariel. She was just outstanding and always fun. I later met a girl named Chelsea on board who was a “friend” of Ariel’s, and she was just as nice as could be! I loved it!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t get it. Are the people who are “friends” of the characters living on Castaway Cay, or do they come off the ship and then leave with the ship and the island is abandoned in between ship visits?

    Are the people who are “friends” of the characters full time Disney employees or are they people who are on the cruise too and just had the chance to play the characters as a prize or something?

    Sorry if I don’t understand, but no one ever explained how this worked to me.

    1. Nick

      There are some people who live on Castaway Cay, but most crew members on the island come from the ship. Crew member cabins on board are located mainly on Decks 1 and 2.

      “friends” of characters are full time crew members that live aboard the ship. They double as both a character performer and a character handler, depending on the day.

      Hope this helped 🙂

  3. There is a crew that does live at Castaway Cay the rest do board the ship when it leaves.

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