Disney Fantasy Enchanted Art makes years of animation history come to life amidst a sea of paintings and prints

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The new Disney Fantasy features thousands of piece of artwork hung throughout its many halls. From concept art for classic animated films to interactive “enchanted” artwork that actually showcases animation, Disney fans aboard the newest Disney Cruise Line ship will be delighted to fine the unique sketches, drawings, paintings, and prints hanging literally around every corner.

The most impressive and universally entertaining of the artwork found aboard the Disney Fantasy is a concept that first debuted on her sister ship, the Disney Dream: Enchanted Art. At first glance, many of the pieces of artwork placed in high traffic areas of the ship appear to be colorful paintings of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bambi, and Alice in Wonderland. But upon approach, the motion-sensitive works spark life within their frames, producing around 15-20 seconds of animation, complete with stereo sound.

Most pieces of Enchanted Art feature three different animation variations, so passengers may find themselves experiencing different sights each time they pass by. Some even vary with the time of day or day of the week.

Scattered throughout almost all decks of the Fantasy, it’s nearly impossible to see every single animation from every single piece of Enchanted Art on a single Disney Fantasy voyage, but during the recent 3-night Inaugural cruise, I captured as many as I could to share some of this inventive Disney magic. Some of my favorites seen in the 20-minute video below include a classic ship battle from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Alice falling down the rabbit hole, and Walt Disney’s own sketch pad drawings springing to action.

Enchanted Art on the Disney Fantasy

It’s via many of these pieces of Enchanted Art that the Midship Detective Agency and Muppet Adventure Game are also played, adding even more excitement to already entertaining elements that separate a trip on Disney Cruise Line from the rest.

Beyond art of the enchanted variety, the Disney Fantasy features literally thousands of other “normal” pieces of artwork, many hanging in its top-to-bottom stairwells. It’s easy to pass by many of them without much more than a quick glance, but further inspection offers a look into the creation of Disney’s most famous and classic animated films, from as early as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and Mickey Mouse shorts through more recent Pixar films like “Ratatouille” and “Wall-E.”

The slideshow below offers a look at just some of the many, many interesting pieces of artwork found throughout the ship, with far more to see by sailing on the Disney Fantasy.

Slideshow: Artwork throughout the Disney Fantasy cruise ship:

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