Comments for Disney debuts retro ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ poster, animated film to include 8-bit video game baddies Bowser, Kano, Robotnik


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t understand this — is it a movie or a video game?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It’s a movie about a fictional video game.

      1. Jeff Lynch

        So, it’s kind of like “Toy Story” but for video game characters?

        1. EricJ

          It’s kind of like “Toy Story: Small Fry” for videogame characters. 😉

          (And this should be a challenge–They’ve usually had a strange talent for taking the most UN-funny comics and having them do well in character parts.
          David Spade was funny in Emperor’s New Groove, and Roseanne was funny in Home on the Range, but Sarah Silverman?? I dunno, think Disney may have finally taken on a tough one….)

          1. Ricky Brigante

            Sarah Silverman’s role is supporting, so she’ll probably have a few good one-liners but be otherwise in the background.

  2. Jake

    Not like I personally have an issue with it, but if the film is to have Kano in it, a character from a Mature rated game, wouldn’t that prove to be problematic?

    1. Jeff Lynch

      I’m glad you said that. The Mortal Kombat games are so violent. There’s a lot of blood and guts in them. I remember seeing them in the arcades years ago and seeing all the blood fly around and people’s spines being ripped out. That was pretty gruesome.

      I think there have been plenty of fighting games where they didn’t need to show all that blood. Why not use one of those?

    2. Ricky Brigante

      Kano was in the clip shown at the D23 Expo and used for comedic effect. Gamers will appreciate him being there and those who don’t know who he is won’t think twice. Though Mortal Kombat isn’t for all ages, it is an important piece of video game history and has many memorable characters. I don’t think Kano will be ripping anyone’s heart out in Wreck-It Ralph. It’ll just be a quick cameo.

      1. Jake

        oh no, i agree wholeheartedly but all it would take is that one soccer mom to bring it up and cause controversy, and bam! on the news reads “new disney film features violent video game characters”

        which of course isnt the case at all, and just ends up being a hyperbolic mess.

        see what i mean? Im just playing devils advocate after all

      2. IcyB


  3. Oh, man, I wish Dennis Hopper had lived long enough to voice Bowser.

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