Beginning and end of a Disney Fantasy vacation marked with characters and memorable sights of sailing away

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Rounding out our coverage of the newest Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Fantasy, it’s only appropriate that we conclude with a look back at how a trip aboard the ship begins and ends. These are the moments during which passengers are both the happiest and saddest, marking the start and finish of an exciting vacation. With a fitting 23 articles published thus far about every aspect of the Disney Fantasy, the videos and pictures below bookend to it all.

Sailing Away

The Disney Fantasy’s Inaugural Sailing Away party brought excited passengers to the pool decks to celebrate with a champagne toast while onlookers waved from Port Canaveral and the coast. It’s one of the most exciting moments on any Disney cruise, with everyone onboard anticipating the adventures to come.

Video: Sailing Away on the Disney Fantasy Inaugural cruise

Sail away party on Disney Fantasy

IMG_7255Sail away party on Disney Fantasy

Sail away party on Disney Fantasy

Sail away party on Disney Fantasy

Sail away party on Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy leaving Port Canaveral

Disney Fantasy leaving Port Canaveral

See Ya Real Soon

But after several days of exploring the ship, enjoying stage shows and other entertainment, riding the AquaDuck and playing in the AquaLab, dining at different restaurants, and partying the nights away, every Disney Fantasy cruise must come to an end. Disney Cruise Line celebrates on the final night with a character-filled going away moment appropriated called “See Ya Real Soon.”

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Chip, Dale, and the Disney Princesses all come out for one last meet-and-greet, allowing passengers, many still dressed for dinner, to snap a few final photos with the gang before arriving back home.

Video: “See Ya Real Soon” character gathering to end the Disney Fantasy Inaugural cruise

Disney Fantasy Wrap-Up

Watching Port Canaveral disappear on the horizon as I sailed into the ocean on the Disney Fantasy during her Inaugural cruise was a thrilling moment, matched by the many highly entertaining and fun experiences I enjoyed throughout the following three days and nights. But like all guests on board, I was sad for my adventure aboard the Fantasy to end, as those quick three days weren’t nearly enough time to fully take it all in. Fortunately, the Disney Fantasy is now sailing 7-day Caribbean voyages each week, offering ample time for every group of guests to fully appreciate the world class entertainment and unique activities and amenities that only Disney can offer at sea.

Now, nearly three weeks after the Disney Fantasy left on her first Inaugural cruise, this article concludes our ongoing extensive coverage of the newest Disney Cruise Line ship. In all, we’ve happily shared all the highlights of the new ship through twenty-three other articles (plus a few more preview posts), hundreds of photos, and more than three hours of video. Whether you’re planing a trip on the Disney Fantasy or simply want to see what Disney Cruise Line is about, these articles, pictures, and video will virtually take you away from your desk and out into the open ocean.

More photos from Sailing Away and See Ya Real Soon on the Disney Fantasy:

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