Walt Disney World reinvents hotel check-in with small personal desks for Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

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Walt Disney World is just over two months away from opening the first phase of its new Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, a “value” level resort like no other. Despite its lower room prices, inventive thinking, detailed design, and new technologies are being integrated into the new hotel, welcoming guests for a more enjoyable stay.

Aside from the much-touted, highly-themed design elements centered around Disney and Pixar animated films, guests first arriving to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort will notice something distinctly different about the check-in process: no desk.

Rather than approaching one long check-in desk staffed by a row of Disney’s Cast Members, individual tables with chairs will offer a more comfortable and personal check-in process, greeted individually and casually by Cast Members. Recently, an Orlando Business Journal photographer toured areas of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, offering a first look at this unique check-in area, pictured below.

The rest of the lobby (and hotel) is designed around animation and artwork imagery, from artwork on the walls to oversized paint canisters acting as shelving units in a store. The “Art of Animation” flows through the entirety of the new hotel.

(More photos and information can be found in the original Orlando Business Journal article and slideshow.)

Beyond check-in and design, rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort will be the first at Walt Disney World to feature RFID scanners to allow access simply by placing an RFID chip-equipped room key up to the lock. Disney Cruise Line has been using the same style of entry for its staterooms and now the technology is transitioning to Disney’s theme park hotels.

Disney’s Art of Animation will open its “Finding Nemo” wing on May 31, 2012, followed by the remaining three wings every few weeks leading up to its completion on September 15.

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