Comments for Walt Disney World launches free Wi-Fi Internet access for all its Orlando hotels


  1. Kara

    Will that include Shades Of Green?

  2. Mary W.

    It’s about time Disney!!

  3. Chris

    Might want to double check your sources. Disney announced to cast members it is only in lobby’s for now, and MAYBE rooms later.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I did call Disney to 100% verify and it is indeed true. Free Wi-Fi Internet access is now available in all Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms, not only the lobbies.

  4. Patrick

    While it is about time, I will miss the reliability of Ethernet connections. I have been in many hotels (this includes top notch hotels) where the wi-fi can sometimes be completely unreliable in room – weak signals, drop-off for no known reasons for 10 minutes) and because it is “free”, then nobody gives a damn, While Disney is all about vacation, there has been times when I had to work because of emergencies. Also wondering how it will work with VPN… I just hope it will be top notch and not gizmo.

    1. Deanna

      I agree – I have an online business and will need to check in a couple of times a day. I can’t simply shut it off, even on vacation. Internet access is a big deal to me, so it had better not be a weak signal, especially for the price we pay to stay at Disney.

  5. Darian

    Is it available at the treehouse villas?

  6. Jeff

    Finally, $9.95/day for wired broadband was outrageous charge when you can get it anywhere else for free. It would be good to extend it to the parks so people from all over the world can used skype phone apps without getting taken by their local telecoms!

  7. David Misita

    Using it now, connection is spotty at best. Constantly have to turn on and off wifi to force a reconnection!

  8. Imeck

    Sadly the wifi is free – and you get what you pay for…
    I am a DVC member who was “welcomed home” by a tenfold decrease in performance since my last trip here, things always seem much worse when they go backwards – wireless = good, someone should reminded Disney it also needs some internet to with it!

  9. Erin Blackwell

    Does this include Fort Wilderness sites?

  10. UPDATE: Been using the free wireless at Villas at Wilderness Lodge in WDW and it randomly stops connecting… frustrating at times.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The free wireless definitely seems like it’s getting slower and slower as more people discover it. It’s extremely inconsistent inside the parks.

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