Video: Kids “sneak” into Transformers ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

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The new Transformers 3-D ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is still couple months away, but today we received an inside look at how those robots in disguise are shaping up.

It arrived via e-mail from a “Mark Stevens,” claiming to be an Inside the Magic reader, offering a link to a “leaked” YouTube video, apparently showing two kids “sneaking” into the still under construction attraction, asking if I would not only share the video but also mention his name in the post. I use that many quotes because after viewing the entirely entertaining video, it seems to me that this is all part of viral marketing from Universal Studios Hollywood to build hype for their new ride.

(If somehow this video was not created/authorized by Universal Studios Hollywood, these kids were likely thrown out of the park after getting caught by security… but somehow I doubt there’s any truth to be found here. And if it is indeed a viral video, I hope it doesn’t encourage any other kids out there to think sneaking into a ride construction site is a good idea. Don’t do it.)

Regardless of whether the video is “real,” it most definitely offers a good look inside the new ride:

My favorite item shown off in the video: a yellow retro VW Beetle. Other sights include a glimpse at the EVAC ride vehicle, much of the queue, and a helicopter.

Transformers: The Ride 3-D opens at Universal Studios Hollywood in May 2012.

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