Comments for ‘Tangled’ thieves steal spotlight as new Disney Fantasy ‘Wishes’ musical offers Disneyland ride through animated classics


  1. So the Fantasy has stolen Christian from the Wonder as Cruise Director; he was fantastic on the Wonder last year

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I was a bit puzzled by that as well, since the preview videos Disney released as the Fantasy made her transatlantic voyage featured two other cruise directors.

  2. Jeff Lynch

    First off, I can’t believe that theater is in a ship! It’s the most beautiful theater I’ve ever seen! Thank you Ricky for giving us these wonderful pictures! I actually liked the remix of “Got No Strings”. I think this show would be pretty good to watch and I would probably enjoy it, but have to say that it seems a little like most Disney shows where the “new” elements they create for the show are really forgettable. It reminds me of those TV specials Disney would do in the 80s sometimes and they’ve have these teenage characters who would just be in that show. I never cared about them, and I just kept waiting to see more of the characters I actually knew.

  3.  La jugabilidad podria encontrarse de mejor manera en el videojuego.
    si bien mola bastante

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