Comments for ‘Spider-Man’ ride reopens at Universal Orlando with high-flying, high-definition enhancements


  1. Jeffrey

    While I loved the new animation, the new soundtrack was truly groan worthy, especially the “synth”-style Spider-Man theme interwoven into the soundtrack. It kind of took me out of the experience. This is still a great ride, though

  2. R.A.S

    my god
    universal studios can NOT be bothered to make even a decent spiderman costume
    literally every other super hero and villein looks better then spiderman
    i know the ride is great and i am very excited to see it
    but thy just do not have great street performers
    considering all the updated going on you would think they would work on that

  3. frostysnowman

    Thanks for the update; can’t wait to ride when I’m there in September. And now I have to be on the lookout for Stan Lee every time. I never knew he had three “cameos”.

  4. Nick Dakuginow

    Ricky, I saw you standing in the media area, my buddy and I were to the right of you all, as soon as they announced “Let’s ride”, we were the first ones on board. I had noticed you, but the party was just getting started. They interviewed us after the ride and was a very cool experience, glad to be apart of the fun.

  5. Nick Dakuginow

    Oh, and I’m actually in that official Universal video at the 0:53 mark, they had my buddy talking twice on it. Also, we played the new mini golf, Haunted course, another addition of fun at Universal.

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