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  1. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t understand video games, but I think it’s intriguing to have a “virtual park” to go to like this. It sounds really frustrating that the computer creates the character to look like you but then it doesn’t. I would not like that and would get frustrated and give up probably. The Pixar films I would like to go into would be The Incredibles and Up. I thought Ratatoulle was creepy because rats spread disease and having them in the kitchen makes me nervous, which is why I rarely eat in restaurants because I am afraid of rats and bugs getting into the food. I don’t like Toy Story because it’s so sad, especially Part III. I wish the sad parts could be edited out and only the fun parts would be in the movie. I think it would have been cool to be a fish like in Nemo and I would have played that game, or a bug like in Bug’s Life. I wonder why they didn’t pick those movies. Also, Monsters INC. would have been fun to become a monster. I know that little boys love Cars but I just can’t get into that movie as I don’t have a driver’s license for medical issues.

  2. marlene

    how do to save in kinetic rush, so you do not have to start again from beginning each time…

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The game automatically saves as you play.

  3. Kayleigh

    Mine never saves my son always has to start from the beginning

    1. Tracey

      Yea, we find the same thing. Was wondering if there was a way to resume saved game

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