Comments for Opening dates announced for Disney’s Art of Animation Resort wings at Walt Disney World, starting with Finding Nemo


  1. Jeff Lynch

    Wow. This looks amazing! I will probably never stay here because I won’t ever have the need for that much space, but I think this is just BEAUTIFUL in design.

    Because of the excellent coverage of Disney hotels here on InsidetheMagic I don’t think I will ever stay off property again, even if I can save a little money doing so. Staying at these themed resorts really makes it feel like you are in the park the entire time you are staying there, instead of leaving the magic and going to some motel or something where the service will be bad and things will be rundown but you might save a few bucks.

    When I think of all the hassles, aggrevation, and disappointment I’ve had staying off property and how that dragged down my vacation I have to say that from now on I am going to stay on property at a Disney hotel so that I don’t have to deal with that grief ever again.

  2. JungleSkip

    Looking to stay here in January ’13. Thats for the update.

  3. Shelley murphy

    We are going to Disney for the first in September and we have booked a finding nemo suite at AOAR . It looks even better now it’s more complete. Very excited to be staying in Disney, and what could be better than this gorgeous accommodation.

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