Disneyland Resort to end ElecTRONica on April 15 at Disney California Adventure with Tron City Dance Crew Challenge

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Attention programs: The purge is coming. System failure is imminent. Disneyland Resort is permanently pulling the plug on ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure on April 15, 2012. The Hollywood Pictures Backlot will become Tron City one final time on that date before being reconfigured into Hollywood Land and the Mad T Party.

To mark the time leading to the final “End of Line,” Disneyland is hosting a “Tron-A-Thon” dance competition in ElecTRONica’s final weekends, starting this Monday and Tuesday, March 19 and 20. Eight dance crews will compete against each other for what’s being called the Disc-oball Trophy:

One dance crew will be named the master control program (or just the grand champion) in the final Dance Crew Challenge on April 15.

Winners of each battle will be announced @Disneyland on Twitter.

And after the cyber dust settles and Flynn’s Arcade once again returns to the decade from whence it came, return here to Inside the Magic for the ultimate ElecTRONica tribute. Until then, to paraphrase the immortal words of Zuse: Change the speed, alter the mood, and electrify the boys and girls while you still can before the system (and party) crashes on April 15.

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