Comments for Disneyland Preview: Riding the Red Car Trolley on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure


  1. OT

    Imagine if Disney builded this version of the park instead of the crappy cheap on and now rebuild it. How much money they could have earned all these years.
    Anyway it looks wondefull. I wish they would remake the Studios and loose the studios part and make it more about themed enviroments and less about making movies.

  2. J.

    Very cool! Wonder how long it will take until some fool gets hit by one… Ugh

  3. Jeff

    Sorry to say I’m disappointed. No live overhead as in concept drawing and car rides really low with no visible trucks. Wonder why they even bothered to have them run on real tracks. Could have used modified “trolley” busses on fake tracks painted in asphalt. The car bodies do look nice though.

    1. Danna

      Wow! It’s all or nothing with you huh?! lol, you’ll get over it.

    2. Jake

      Before you take 30 Tylenol p.m’s , Keep in mind it’s not finished yet, Construction is still going on and they have until June. They could still go up!

  4. Bob

    is it wheelchair accessible, disney has a bad habit of leaving things like that out.


    1. Dav

      Really Bob? If anything Disney is the first to take care of things such as wheelchair accessible.

      1. Bob

        actually the’re not, but is it accessible???


        1. Robert


        2. Don

          Actually they ARE, im in a chair and have never had an issue.
          May just be you Bob

    2. Starr

      I just went to Disneyland and a member of my party was in a wheelchair , They were more than accommodating, We got on everything and Disney was first class…. I’m not sure where you were or maybe you are just one of those who live to complain.

      1. Bob

        nope, I a transit fan so I want to ride, but I also like roller coasters and denied at Disney,. I’ve been to Hershey park and use a chair and know what real access at an amusement park is like. so I compare it to the best, Disney has more money they could do much better. no argument they are getting better but they are held to a very high standard, as they should be.

        and it still doesn’t answer the question, are the fake Hollywood cars accessible. and preferably seamlessly not some elaborate show for all the gauwkers.

  5. Phan Tom

    It’s just too bad they don’t circle the park, then they could be used for transportation, like the Disneyland Railroad. That’s what streetcars are for, right ?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      They will be used for transportation up and down Buena Vista Street and through Hollywood Land, down to the Tower of Terror. But yes, they’d be far more useful if they stretched all the way back to Paradise Pier.

  6. RaphFan

    I thought I saw real overhead canternary, it looked real….. That’d suck if it’s not running on wire

  7. Tito

    It should run from the overhead wire like God intended. I think Walt would insist.

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