Comments for Disney Fantasy Preview: High seas highlights as we set sail on the newest Disney Cruise Line ship’s Inaugural voyage


  1. Nick

    Just cross your fingers and hope you don’t get Pete and Malcolm as dinner servers. When I sailed on the Fantasy, they were horrible. Good luck and have fun Ricky!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t think I will ever be able to afford to go on a cruise like this, so THANK YOU for giving such a great report. I feel like I was able to go in a small way by reading your very detailed and exciting trip reports and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos! Try and get as much of the feel of being on the cruise as possible…especially all that marvelous magical art and the Muppets Mystery!

  3. Jeff Lynch

    Something specific I’d like to see: can you do a “typical day on the ship” and write it up like a journal? Like, 8am — wake up and go to the breakfast restaurant. 9am — here we are a the pool. 10am — playing games on deck. Etc. Would be great to have this with lots and lots of pics and video!

  4. Jackie K

    wow- that little thing with the drawings in the animator’s palate looks so cool!

  5. Rommel

    If there’s any way you can please get video of the new “Wishes” show, that would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Jeff Lynch

    Also, can you explain how the meals on a cruise ship work too? Is it all included, or do you have to pay extra? I’m sure this media trip is comped but for regular folks, are meals included in the price of the cruise…and if so, can you eat anywhere any time you want?

    I have never understood how cruises work in terms of the price.

    1. John


      Meals and entertainment are included on cruises. Disney also has soda stations, so you can get soda and ice cream any time you want. Most cruises charge for soft drinks. All cruises charge extra for beer, wine, and spirits, including Disney. Some cruises have high end restaurants that charge a surcharge. On the Disney Ships, it is an extra $20 to eat at Palo. My wife and I love having one dinner at Palo during our cruise.

      Some ship dining spots are open almost all the time, some are open only at certain hours. For example, at dinner on a Disney ship, I could eat at my assigned main dining restaurant for the evening (rotates between three main restaurants), or I could go to the buffet, or grab a bite at the pizza place on deck, or at the hot dog and hamburger place on deck, or make use of the 24 hour room service. Room service is free, but it is customary to give a small tip to the person who delivers your food.

      Try a three night Bahamas cruise with Disney. I did; now I try to cruise with Disney twice a year.

  7. Christine

    Can you get some footage of the expanded adult areas? Satellite Falls and the upper deck? TY ­čÖé
    Also if I can add one thing to what John wrote to Jeff….there is also Remy’s on the Dream and the Fantasy, it is $75.00 PP. We always eat at Palo, exceptional experience! The brunch is awesome and this time we are trying high tea on the Fantasy when we sail in 49 days!

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