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Avengers Monorail


  1. Jopie van Drongelen

    Aprils fools.

  2. Sherri Connelly

    No, not a April Fools joke…this has been reported before.

  3. Tom Auel Jr.

    I love this but how long will it be until Universal sues Disney to try and have it removed?

    1. Sky

      Why would that happen? Disney OWNS Marvel. They recently bought them out.

  4. Kenzie

    How long will it run? We are going for Christmas, will it still be there?

  5. Weird about the legal restriction. What is the difference between Epcot and Magic Kingdom? Can you see the Epcot line anywhere from Hollywood Studios? I expect that with the similarities between the studios park and Universal Studios they may have said no Marvel there… It would seem you’d have to be looking out from the top of Tower of Terror to see it though 😉

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The Epcot line actually runs *through* the park, whereas the others don’t. Perhaps that is the distinction when it comes to featuring Marvel characters at Walt Disney World. (Just speculation…)

    2. Sky

      Epcot and Magic Kingdom are just two different themed parks under the banner of Walt Disney. What legal restrictions could you possibly be referring to? Disney owns both.

      Also, are you under the impression that Universal Studios and Hollywood Studios are related? Hollywood is owned by Disney as well.

      1. Ricky Brigante

        Disney has an agreement with Universal not to feature Marvel characters in their theme park attractions, as Universal has licensed those characters for use in Islands of Adventure.

        Why the distinction for the Avengerail? I’m not 100% sure. I was simply told that this monorail will be riding the Magic Kingdom and resort lines, not Epcot. It could be because the Epcot line actually runs through the park, rather than nearby with the Magic Kingdom line.

        1. Sky

          I think the answer lies within what you said. It’s not an attraction. Suppose that’s why there are air quotes around the title worlds ‘attraction.’ Or, as you suggested, it’s not classified in the parks. So they aren’t theme park attractions. I’m sure the fine print can go all sorts of ways with this one.

  6. Craig

    When does the monrail track link with Universal Studios? I HATE this !

  7. NoAssemblyReqd

    This seems to be a shot across the bow at Universal, trying to push the contract terms to its limits. After Disney acquired Marvel, Universal was bold to announce it was going forward with its Spider-Man refurb, which was its way of saying “Marvel isn’t leaving IoA anytime soon, Disney.”

    Disney knows the contract is in Uni’s favor pretty much in perpetuity, but it’ll be interesting to see what changes happen if gamesmanship like this continues.

    1. Monty

      Actually I see it as Disney trying to promote the Avengers as much as possible hoping it does well to recoup for John Carter. If that means cross promoting a ride at Universal (The Hulk, the single best roller coaster in Florida, nay… the world), so be it. Remember, Disney is more than just theme parks. And they will use all their rights as owners of Marvel studios to make sure they make money. In fact, I highly doubt this scenario was not discussed with Universal before hand. Like I said before, the cross promotion is definitely there (The Hulk is the most prominent figure on the Avengerail, and the only Avenger with a prominent role at Islands of Adventure). So I don’t see an animosity in this move. I don’t think disney is shooting anything across Universals bow. Both Universal and Disney are now business partners through Marvel. And as such, they’ll both be making money together.

  8. Disnoid

    The rumor is that Universal’s Marvel contract expires this year. The actual contract has not been made public. I believe Universal will keep it’s Marvel Island, but will not have exclusivity.

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