'Star Tours Origins' Recreates Disneyland Star Wars Ride In 3-d Cg Ultimate Tribute

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Star Tours Origins


  1. Duncan

    That is Great!!!

  2. Jackie K

    This is so cool! It’s exactly like the ride!

  3. Get him to do Horizons next. lol

    1. Scott B

      Haha, that would be incredible

  4. Sean

    disney should pay this guy millions to bring this into the park and find a way to show BOTH rides!!!! think of the popularity then!!

  5. Roddy Barros (MKCustodial)

    Ricky, you still haven’t been able to see the podrace sequence? I forgot to share this story with you:

    As you know, I just came back from our wonderful trip to the World, 12 years since I was there last, during the College Program. My wife loved it, and she now understands my love for Walt DIsney World! 😀 Anyway, we re at the Studios on that fateful Obama Day, so I figured we’d hit Star Tours first thing, since I figured the park would get crowded afterwards. I should’ve thought about doing the same thing for Toy Story Mania, but I digress. So we hit Star Tours, and I was telling my 5-year-old how there are several scenes that we could see, including the podrace. And he fixated on that, that’s the one he wanted to see the most. We ended up getting the Falcon beginning, the Hoth sequence, then Admiral Ackbar and the Naboo ending. We all loved it, but I could see he was disappointed. SO I told him we’d try to come back later in the day, maybe even during Extra Magic Hours, when it wouldn’t be too crowded and maybe we’d be able to see the podrace. If I had remembered you saying that you’ve seen everything EXCEPT that part, maybe I wouldn’t have made all those promises. Well, cut to later that night. They roped everything off after the fireworks, waiting for most Guests to leave. When they dropped the rope, we rushed to Toy Story Mania in what could only be described as a stampede. We weren’t able to do it during the day, so that was our chance. And apparently, everyone was thinking the same thing. But we managed to walk right in, pretty much no wait. We rode the attraction, loved it, and were ready to return to the resort. And that’s when we walked by Star Tours. I saw it had no wait as well, so I asked Peter if he wanted to try another go and maybe catch the podrace. He said sure, so we went in. Well, Ricky, I kid you not: I don’t know what are the odds for this happening, but we got the EXACT SAME sequence… except we had the podrace instead of Hoth! My boy was SO happy, it was definitely DIsney Magic at its best. And when I heard you mentioning you still haven’t seen it, I was like… wow, my boy REALLY is lucky! 🙂

  6. Alex

    that was fantastic! I agree with the poster that said this person / team should do other rides too.

  7. Scott B

    This was sooooooo good. I loved it. I hooked my Macbook to my 60″ 3D TV and was blown away by how good it was. The 3D was REALLY impressive. I loved everything about this!!

  8. J99

    Can you see if he can make a downloadable one so I cn see it on my T.V.

  9. Joebafett

    Your videos have been removed… any chance of a repost?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Unfortunately Lucasfilm asked the creator of the videos to take them down.

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