Comments for ‘Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom’ set to debut Feb. 22 in Walt Disney World, Imagineer offers closer look at role-playing game


  1. Suckage of the MK

    95 minutes of animation sounds great until you actually see it. 95 minutes of bad, sub-par, barely tv-worthy animation is more like it.

    1. Nunya

      The concept is great and the cards themselves are well-done. However, I have to agree that the animation is pretty bad.

  2. Stitch

    Hi Sorcerers: We have a group on facebook for the Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom game that we would like to invite all of you to join. We hope to diversify our card collections and help other players out through trading. We are also holding weekly card giveaways. Many folks in the group actually play the game, and are local to Walt Disney World. Please come join and bring your Sorcerer friends! http://www.facebook.com/groups/sorcererscardstrading/

  3. Dreamer

    Hey guys for those of you who love the game me and my friend had an idea of marking trading post around the park to help you guys get those extra cards you need as of right now the most popular one is at Adventureland at the star crest portal at around 6:00pm many people gather there and wait for on coming sorcerers around the tables since its convenient that all the tables are around so you can lay out your cards and start trading and swap information and what not. The following few that im going to mention I have not personally seen many people in theses areas but lets try to change that so we can show Disney how much we are enjoying the game and how we want to expand it throughout the all of magic kingdom. The next one I have seen really working out is at the Liberty square sorcerers training spot allot of activity there since people are getting there packs for the day and are ready to trade their doubles. As for main street U.S.A area most of the trading goes down around the Wave and raindrops portals since its away from oncoming traffic from all the people in the park its an easy place to hang out with other sorcerers and talk about the game trade and stuff. And last but not least Fantasy land there is a water fountain right next to the shield portal that’s another place that’s there is allot less people and you can have time to stop without people getting in the way of others. That’s all for now I will keep posting about the better area to trade around the park that most of us sorcerers meet up bye bye for now ^_^ oh yeah and remember to mark these places on your map hope to see you guys soon.

  4. Dreamer

    Disney bring kingdom hearts to the game!! It would be amazing!!!!

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