Comments for Disney renames California Adventure lands to prepare for Cars Land opening in June, completing 5-year expansion


  1. FS

    All very exciting stuff! 🙂

  2. Steve Brown

    Hollywood Land? That’s the best they could come up with?

    1. FS

      Just out of curiosity, what name would you have chosen?

      I think that Ricky is right, the name seems to be a reference to the original name on the Hollywood Hills.

  3. Michael King

    I thought that Hollywood Land was confirmed a long time ago. I happen to think that the name is fine and I imagine that Ricky was right about the sign. The Hollywood Sign was for the Hollywood Land for a housing development.

    I do think removing Golden State makes sense. The current idea of Golden State made little sense to me. Condor Flats, Pacific Wharf and Grizzly Peak are truly three distinct lands though some are indeed smaller. You walk from Condor Flats to Grizzly Peak, it feels like two different areas. Condor Flats feels like an airstrip straight from World War II while Grizzly Peak is more or less a mountain area.

    I wonder if San Francisco will be removed as it makes little sense bridging Grizzly Peak and Paradise Pier/Pacific Wharf.

  4. eric you

    well this summer sounds fun i hope i get to go before my day of jaw surgey is scheduled soon. but it may be a fun day at june 15, 2012. can not wait to see the new main gate area, buena vista street, cars land, raditor springs racers, lugi’s flying tires, and mater’s junkyard jam. it would also be cool to see more new added shows and attractions at both parks.

  5. Jeff Lynch

    I think it is good to have different lands with distinct names. I bet I could have come up with other names if I had thunk about it awhiles though. Maybe “Movie Star Land” instead of “Hollywood Land” so people would know it was about movies and stuff.

    1. Don

      I think that’s the point, this land isn’t really about “movies” like it first was… Hollywoodland is perfect for the new direction of the park and fitting to have right off of Buena Vista St.

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