Comments for Disney Parks Mobile Magic app now available for iPhone providing ride wait times, Fastpass information, and maps


  1. I’ve been waiting for this since it was originally announced for Verizon phones awhile back! Downloading now 🙂

  2. Kevin Crossman

    The App sure seems slow. And I’m using a iPhone 4S on WiFi…

  3. Duncan

    I tried it at Home and at Epcot lots of information and the wait times were dead on

  4. Chris Haysom

    Ricky, Any word on an Android version?

    1. Jeffrey Hernandez

      It’s also free now for all Android users. Just search for it in the Android Marketplace. Enjoy. 🙂

      1. Chris Haysom

        Thanks Jeffery, I’ll check it out.

  5. Michael O'Kane

    Not much good to visitors from outside the US. If you don’t have a US account, Apple won’t let you download it

  6. Now available on UK app store

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