Video: ‘Rock the Night’ fireworks show entertains Disney World guests for one night only at Hollywood Studios

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Tonight Walt Disney World offered additional entertainment for guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the form of a special one-time fireworks show called “Rock the Night!”. Unlike Magic Kingdom and Epcot, the normal theme park schedule for Hollywood Studios does not call for fireworks outside of the brief ones seen during Fantasmic!, as well as on special occasions like Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. And today was indeed a special occasion.

President Obama visited the Magic Kingdom earlier in the day, giving a speech about tourism. The event shut down Main Street USA and the area around Cinderella Castle for the first half of the day. In preparation, Walt Disney World extended hours at its other three theme parks, to draw guests’ attention away from the Magic Kingdom. In addition, they added this one-night-only fireworks show, which you can enjoy in the video below.

Video: Rock the Night! fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The show not only featured fireworks launched from the areas around the Great Movie Ride and Pixar Place, but also the popular park band Mulch, Sweat, and Shears playing classic rock hits live on the Sorcerer Hat stage. Whether guests were in attendance because they decided to skip the Presidential commotion at the Magic Kingdom or if they showed up simply to see a unique showing of fireworks, all seemed to enjoy the one-time show.

A few photos from Rock the Night:


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    It was incredible. And we didn’t even know about it until we showed up this morning. Now I wish I would have come to meet Ricky. 🙂

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    That was amazing! It almost sounds like around 1:58 they could be slamming Obama and possibly politics with “you had to be a big shot” and “I don’t care about indecision” All around a great set and awesome synchronization with the fireworks! Thank you for filming this one time show.

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    Did they do a test run on this around 12:45 am on January 5th? I was at the Pop Century and could hear fireworks, and then saw what had to be the finale over the top of the next building, just before 1 am. Never did figure it out!

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    Awesome video – wish I could have been there! Has a very PI vibe to it. And with the success of the Comedy Warehouse performances at DHS, this makes me wish for a sort of Mad T Party or ElecTRONica weekend adult entertainment option at DHS. Sell booze like DL (according to Al Lutz, DL is making a fortune on it) and it could be a huge hit with locals and adult tourists. Plus, the reported crime issues of PI (largely embellished according to several reports) would be highly unlikely, since park admission would be required.

    Why hasn’t DHS jumped on this?

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