Video: New Year’s Eve 2011 fireworks from Walt Disney World as seen from afar

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Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Happy New Year, everyone! For our first post of 2012, we’re actually not bringing you inside the magic of Disney’s theme parks, but rather a unique view from outside the Magic Kingdom.

Disney’s massive “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks show launched for New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom can be seen from all over the Orlando area. The video below shows at what the finale of the show looked like from the city of Winter Garden, roughly 15 minutes north of the Magic Kingdom, near my own house. Sure it’s not a perfect view of the show, not nearly as good as in the picture above, but certainly not bad for being so far away from the park! (The park’s music/audio cannot be heard from this distance, so it was added to the video afterward.)

Video: New Year’s Eve 2011 Magic Kingdom fireworks finale as seen from Winter Garden, Fla.

People interested in moving to Central Florida often ask me what areas near Walt Disney World are best to live in and nightly views like this are one of the reasons I frequently recommend Winter Garden. It’s far enough away from the tourist areas to not be bothered by visitors, but close enough to be within a few minutes of the parks and within eyeshot of the fireworks! I frequently see them in the distance while driving around the area at night, which is always a great treat. And watching the New Year’s Eve show from this far away allowed me to get home within a couple minutes, rather than battling the crowds on the way out of the park, which likely would have taken at least 30-45 minutes. It’s a fun and different way to experience a bit of Disney magic!

We’ll have much, much more Disney and theme park fun throughout 2012, so keep coming back!

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