Comments for ‘Cars’ update on two coasts: Radiator Springs Racers virtual ride-through for Disneyland and full-size Ramone for Disney World hotel


  1. Great to see it. Very impressed with the length and quality of the show scenes! I don’t feel bad about the speed. The turns and bumps and amazing terrain in close proximity will make it great. 35 is fast for a Disney ride anyway. Better watch this soon though. It may not last 😉

  2. Alex

    wow that looks like a nice long ride certainly will be worth the wait in line. if there’s one thing I dislike its waiting in line for an attraction that is over in less than 2 minutes.

  3. Andrew

    DANG!! Looks like Disney read “Inside the Magic” and made Kevin Rafferty (or whoever posted the video) pull it before I had a chance to see it! Hopefully someone had the gumption to download it and will re-post it soon.

  4. Ramone is one of my favorite characters from Cars. He’s cool! It’s weird that Disney California Adventure doesn’t have him as a mechanical copy that talks and interacts with people. I’m talking about Cars Land.

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