Comments for ‘Wishes’ stage show announced for Disney Fantasy cruise ship bringing to life a variety of new and classic animated scenes


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    eric you

    when the disney fantasy is about to set sail could there be appearances of disney characters and celebrtites. i think some disney villains maybe making chaos hit the ship until mickey mouse and the godparent or icon for the ship comes to stop them.

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    eric you

    the wishes show would be fun and cool the whole group of kids going to disneyland for grad nite would be great plus some disney characters acting as tour guides to several lands maybe bring in fireworks and show them with real live footage of the disneyland resort. even an actor named walt should be added he is the grandson of walt disney himself or a young version of walt.

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    eric you

    a new welcome show of fantasy come true sounds great it would be a family gathering on board the ship a father named daniel, two sons named eric and allen or a young version of walt disney and mickey mouse introduce the ship and everything inside and outside the ship.

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