Comments for Walt Disney World plans ‘surprise announcement’ on New Year’s Eve for 2012 Year of More Magic

disney world fourth of july

Credit: Disney


  1. Raleigh

    Sounds like this will be Disneyland’s reaction to Harry Potter–that’s what I’m assuming.

  2. Vanessa H

    Whatever they plan to do for 02/29/2012 I plan to be there since it is my birthday how could I not be not be there! I’m super excited!!!

    1. Moriah

      I’m gonna be there since it’s my birthday too! Leap Year Babies, UNITE! I think since it’s our birthday, we should get free admission!

  3. Donna

    I want free basic dining extended. We buy the delux plus but save so much when the base is free. Better deal to pay for upgrade then. Crossing fingers.

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