Comments for Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree begins testing in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure


  1. Jackie

    looks like a cross between a scrambler and the teacups. oh well, still looks fun. i’ll ride it if i ever get out to the west coast!

    1. FS

      Don’t knock it till you ride it. Its whip ride, and will most likely be fun. This is only testing.

  2. OT

    I miss the experiences that Disney made when story came first and the attraction came second. Attractions like the haunted mansion of Splash mountain that took sometimes 20 minutes.
    Yes they always had short attractions like the tea cups and Dombo but they are just not the reason I visit Disney.
    On toppic, from the look of it this looks painfull and boring and poor castmember who have to listen to the singing of Mater all day…

  3. Greg

    It’s too similar to Francis’ Ladybug Boogie, which is right around the corner. Not very creative.

  4. R.A.S

    so its basically “the whip”
    well that’s a fun ride if they speed it up a little
    i loved the whip when i went to darien lake

    i will admit the idea of a cars land kinda scared me
    i just thought their were better pixar movies to work with
    wall-e, nemo, or even something like monsters inc
    hay something like ratatouille could have launched California’s version of a world showcase
    like i said
    i felt cars wasn’t the best choice but i do like what I’m seeing so far

  5. Rich T

    Looks great–the whipping motion should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to hear the actual music. Capacity’s going to be an issue with this one…long lines! I can picture picking up a fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers, then hitting Luigi’s and Mater’s rides first thing in the morning.

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