Comments for Inside the SeaWorld Orlando Christmas Celebration, filling the 2011 holiday season with musical treats


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    An excellent review, Ricky, as usual. And I can vouch for it’s pinpoint accuracy, as I was there the same night as you and attended many of the same showtimes. lol

    SeaWorld really does a wonderful job with its abundant Christmas offerings. It’s definitely a worthwhile time to go and enjoy them all. Thanks again, Ricky, for all you do.

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    Great review! Just one thing– the “beaver” is actually O.P. Otter 🙂

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      Ricky Brigante

      Whoops! Fixed. Thanks. 🙂

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    Nice review! I go to see Sea World’s christmas offerings every year and this time around has been the best yet. I thought O Wondrous Night was great, especially the big finale with the camels, etc. I especially love the ice skating show and fireworks, which (while not awesome by Disney standards) are intimate and you can sit in a chair while enjoying them. Kudos, Sea World! Keep up the good work!

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    Rebekah Learman

    My family and I took our first family outing to Sea World yesterday. The O Wondrous Night was absolutely amazing! Thank you Sea World for sharing the true meaning of Christmas!! A must see for all ages!!

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