3D Video: Wizarding World of Harry Potter walkthrough at Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

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Our popular Parks in 3D section has featured hundreds of 3D photos taken in and around theme parks worldwide. Now we add our first 3D video to the mix as Nintendo recently added the ability to shoot video with its 3DS game system.

While visiting Universal Orlando yesterday to ride Jaws a few more times before it closes (more on that soon), I made a stop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to test out the new 3D video option for the first time. The result was good, but finding a way to share it all was more difficult. YouTube doesn’t support the video format the 3DS is shooting in (yet), so after some digging, I found a tutorial on how to convert the 3DS video to be compatible with YouTube’s built-in 3D options.

The result is not perfect, with the left/right separation too far apart, leaving much ghosting. But it’s a start – and I wanted to share it here. YouTube offers a few different realtime 3D options, including red/blue and side-by-side. So watch the video below, pick the 3D option that works best for you, and comment below to let me know what you think.

Video: 3D walkthrough of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando

I didn’t upload the original 3DS video file, as it’s nearly 300mb. But if there is interest, I can.

Be sure to also keep checking back to our Parks in 3D photos, which are best seen using the built-in Nintendo 3DS web browser, allowing glasses-free viewing of 3D photos from theme parks and special events, with many more photos to be posted soon.


  1. EricJ

    Side-by-Side seems to work well enough at this end. (Except for when one lens would be darker than the other, causing a half-and-half effect, but that’s pretty common to most home 3D video…Haven’t been there yet, but I could actually see where most of the old Lost Continent scenery was.)
    Most are probably going to watch the red-blue anaglyph on the desktop, but for folks like me, with a converting YouTube-capable smart-3DTV, it converted perfectly. SBS is designed for conversion TV’s, 3D monitors and 3DS’s; no, it’s not “Cross your eyes to view”, they’ll stick like that. 🙂

    Even if you’re not one of the faithful yet, we could use more footage from the Orlando folk–Too much Paris and Anaheim on the Tube!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I’ll definitely shoot more 3D video! I have a lot of 3D photos to add from the last few months as well.

  2. Josh

    Thanks for this! I’ve noticed that YouTube compresses the daylights out of these videos so ghosting is always an issue. I look forward to viewing this on my 3DTV at home and am VERY interested in downloading the raw file. I’ve thought about buying the GoPro 3D Hero system and shooting 3D videos myself. I already own one GoPro; why not?

  3. Ann

    Hi Ricky. This is awesome. The video is lovely! thanks for sharing this YouTube video. It may not be in its best resolution but this video really covers almost everything. Thanks again – Ann

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