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  1. Scott

    Thank you soooo much for posting these vids! I cannot wait to get this and also spend hours in the park! It warms my heart to see all of the details put in, and I can’t wait to walk around to my favorite spots. I do have a question or two:

    Can you ride the Columbia or Mark Twain? And possibly go to Tarzan’s Treehouse?
    And, could you possibly list all of the shops that are in the park? Thanks!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      You can’t ride the riverboats or go in the treehouse. And the shops are not exactly unique. When you “enter,” you’re presented with a menu full of items to purchase.

  2. Tryg

    Great Review Ricky!

    I tried the game out about a month ago at the Mall of America, and wasn’t impressed. It must have been quite awkward for the hostess, as we continually flailed to no avail. Sounds like something you have to get the hang of.

    I also love the bluntness of your character pushing the Grandfather Clock over in the HM. Crushes the knight and non-chalantly runs on haha.

    Thanks again!

  3. OT

    The only draw here is the theming. It looks nice. But a game is a game and should work like a game, otherwise it´ll get old soon.
    I never ever seen a good game with kinect (maybe the only ones are dance games) but the rest is horrible.
    This could have been fun when there where better games and a regular controler you can use.
    I for one would spend my dollars on my next vacation to Disney and not for a crappy “game”.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Unfortunately the game portion is not nearly as entertaining as the virtual Disneyland walk around – and for that a controller would definitely be better.

  4. Thanks a bunch Ricky for this great, in-depth look at the game! I already own an Xbox and Kinect, and I’m looking forward to picking this one up soon, knowing very well that the minigames may not be the best. I’m in it for the experience and walking around the park as much as I want without having to drive allllll the way down to Southern California.

    As with pretty much every Kinect game, controls will always be a bit clunky and off due to the sensor’s limitations, but I’ve been kinda used to that and can be somewhat relieved slightly under different/better playing conditions

    Anyways, I’m glad to see that there’s a lot of hidden content, especially for Disney fans. I figured that some things like Star Tours and Indy would be dismissed due to licensing, which is a shame. And strange to see the game be rather outdated already. I really hope that Frontier Developments (the developer of the game) actually updates the game occasionally to reflect changes, but I have a feeling that won’t happen.

    Regardless, I’m still definitely looking forward to exploring the virtual park and walking, well, pointing around.
    Thanks again Ricky for the review and videos!

  5. Alex

    Thanks for posting your great review with all the video! would you please post a complete list of attractions that are rideable/playable in the game. I cant seem to find a list on the net at the moment.

  6. frostysnowman

    I’m wondering if they will do a version for Wii?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Unlikely. It seems to be Xbox Kinect exclusive.

  7. chris

    is there a wiinie the pooh mini game

    1. Jennifer

      Yes there is. The many adventures of Winnie the pooh was a favorite with my 3 year old daughter. You fly with balloons around your stomach with pooh, bounce with tigger, and there is one more chapter to the game I myself haven’t experienced. I could have done with out the bouncing but my daughter loved it.

  8. Scott B

    Just a side note Ricky, this game actually retails for $49.99. That is the retail price for all Kinect games. An obvious attempt to be competitive with the Wii market. And for some reason, it is $49.96 on Amazon. So if anyone is looking to save 3 cents, order it from there. (of course if you do, you should probably first follow Ricky’s Amazon link to help this amazing site out!)

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks. The price I listed is MSRP.

  9. chris .d

    can you list all the mini games

  10. Phil

    Do you know who the voice actor is for Baloo in this game. I’m really curios to know.

  11. Lorna

    Kids I nanny for are getting game console for Xmas, Im considering buying this for them to go with it, their ages are nearly 5+8, would you say that this game is easy enough for both age groups to get a lot of fun from, Id hate to spend around $50 only to have a screaming 5yr old cuz she cant do/play anything? Or is the age on this game better for older kids?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Kids in that age range will enjoy it, but may need a little guidance from adults to navigate through the park. Younger kids will likely have more fun playing the attraction-based mini-games than adults.

  12. Jennifer

    I play this game with my 3 year old. As long as my husband or I am the primary controller she can help with the mini games, hug characters, dance, and do just about anything else with an avatar of her own next to mine. As a family game this is addictive. The quests from characters keep you moving. Using Voice controls keeps you moving quicker through the park. If you consider the kinect bumpy you may need to work more with it, update, and keep tuning until it reads you well in all lighting situations of the day, it is quite simple to use and reads very accurately. Frankly using a controller on this would take all the joy of greeting characters and completely ruin playing with my daughter. It is a wonderful game, but a game for family play.

  13. carlos

    i’ve been so curious to see if you can unlock any haunted mansion gear besides the t-shirt, like perhaps the butler/maid costumes!

    regardless the game is HOURS of fun!!

  14. Aaron cornwell

    Im very sorry to ask. But the song on the commercial. Do you know if it will be released for downloading. Ive reached the conclusion no one except for the studio of disney pixar and or microsoft will ever release the name

  15. Chandler

    I want them to make a really awesome recreation of Disney World like this… but replace the lame mini-games and meet and greets with battling Overtakers and solving mysteries. A Kingdom Keepers video game with the amount of detail that went into this game would be awesome.

  16. eric P Vasquez

    I What Disneyland Holiday Video Games What Make one Holiday At Disneyland Adventures 2013

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