Comments for IAAPA Photo Wrap-Up: Best of the 2011 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo


  1. Trevor @ IAAPA

    Great that you were at IAAPA! I definitely saw some highly placed individuals speaking with different attraction suppliers and cannot wait to see what they came up with. Some of the Friday morning education sessions were great as well. Unfortunately, if you look at the first picture you took, one can clearly see the signage with cameras having a red slash over them. It clearly explained that photographs were NOT allowed unless one had the permission of the exhibitor being photographed.

    While I may not report this to IAAPA, I would like to know – do you have permission from each of them? I would be shocked if Kuka did grant permission; Disney will not be allowed to purchase more of their technology for several more years because of contract restraints. If you do not have permission from all exhibitors, especially if they find out and complain, IAAPA might ask you not to attend next year. Again, I tell you this only as a warning and fellow theme park enthusiast. It is great you covered the expo for those unable to attend and sincerely hope I am totally in the wrong and you dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I’m not sure what Disney having access (or not) to KUKA technologies has to do with photo restrictions, but regardless, worry not. I did have a press pass to cover this event and the photography rules were explained to me when I picked it up. Throughout my day there, I spoke with many very nice exhibitors who gladly allowed (and encouraged) photography of their exhibits. Some even helped me set up shots. Everyone was quite friendly and had nothing to hide from my camera.

      I appreciate you looking out for me though and am happy to hear you also enjoyed the show!

      1. Matt Hawkins

        The dastardly duo singing parodies are from Character Dynamics, ltd. Thanks for including a pic of DJ Funky Frank and MC Nos!

        1. Ricky Brigante

          Thanks for displaying them. The parody songs are quite entertaining, as are the DJ and MC.

  2. Very interesting. Thank you for the comprehensive coverage.
    Now to find one of those ice-less skating rinks nearby!>)

  3. Love the Shooting gallery

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