Comments for Halloween 2011 home haunt at Inside the Magic HQ inspired by theme parks, with new decorations, animatronics and scares


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    Awesome again this year Ricky! I cant wait to see this post every year. I will follow up with a blu-ray screening of Nightmare before Christmas tonight after work (also a tradition) after seeing your Halloween excitement. We love your enthusiasm and perspective on Disney and all the Orlando area attractions.

    Thanks, Dan

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    This is so cool! We have an awesome house up here near Boston, but some years (like this one) it was too cold to stand outside and enjoy it. Thank you for everything that you do to cover Disney, I’ve only ever been once, and another trip doesn’t seem likely at this point, so thanks for keeping me connected.

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    k…going to your house next year.

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    That’s so awesome! I used to do huge displays as a little kid, and loved it – even if was only for just a handful of kids. That’s epic that you bring it all out for one. Way to commit. Congrats!

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    I always look forward to your post Halloween report with your decorations, Ricky! So you said you got about 80 trick or treaters overall, but have sene reports of several hundred at other places? Maybe those others have an entire block or two themed? Have your neighbors “stepped up” and done some stuff as well or are you the only house that goes all out? That might be it. :/

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      Ricky Brigante

      It depends on the neighborhood. Ours simply doesn’t have enough people to be that popular. It’s divided up into several sub-communities and isn’t exactly the best environment for trick-or-treating. Very few other houses here even bother to decorate for Halloween at all. It’s sad.

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