Comments for Theme park infographic details most popular, expensive, oldest, strangest, and even deadliest rides on Earth


  1. Kurt Nelson

    Yet another person referring to Harry Potter Land as a theme park…

  2. Scott B

    I am suprised at how much the Jurassic Park ride costs. I just assumed the Forbidden Journey would have been the most expensive ride.

    1. Tryg

      That stat if definitely wrong. Even at IOA there are more expensive rides. Spiderman and Forbidden Journey both come to mind.

  3. Sergio

    I can’t believe they had mentioned our brazilian Hopi Hari… How did they find out it? ;o)

  4. Mark


    Did that say the Tower of Terror drops at 100mph???? I’ve never heard the speed of the drop only that it drops faster than gravity. Interesting!

    1. Tryg

      Different Ride. It’s a Launch Coaster at Australia’s DreamWorld.

  5. Josh

    Most of this information is technically correct, but the way it is presented is very misleading. A note of relevance: Chinese Fireball actually has a slightly longer drop and therefore goes slightly faster than Hungarian Horntail. It’s on RCDB.

  6. Nolan Reents

    Great information 🙂

  7. phil

    The ride Cars in California at Disney cost over 200 million to build and Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom cost 110 million also

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