Comments for Review: “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” 3D Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack – Adventure returns home with fun behind the scenes peeks

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  1. Damon

    I didn’t see Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D because I really don’t like that nonsense. POTC was great though! Johnny Depp was up to his normal funny pirate business and it was still great! Even though I loved this movie, I don’t think they should make another, since that would really be pushing the amount of movies this series should have been. The new actors in this movie were a welcome addition too. I would like to see this movie again for sure. I am using the Blockbuster Movie Pass to rent this. What is great about the Blockbuster Movie Pass is it gives customers a huge selection of movies, TV shows and games by mail, and they can stream thousands to their TV or PC! Since DISH Network (my employer) is offering the Blockbuster Movie Pass, there are 20 channels that you get in addition to all the movies! Blockbuster also has many stores that you can go to and exchange the DVD’s at. This is all for $10 a month, which is awesome! I can’t wait to see POTC again!

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