Comments for LEGOLAND Florida grand opening draws thousands to new kid friendly theme park


  1. Josh

    From what I’ve seen in reviews and pictures, it looks like a very nice park. It’s clear what demographics they are targeting, but I feel like I could have fun at the park. One concern is the price. I really wanted to try the park, even if it’s not geared towards my age range (I don’t have children either) but at $75 and no Florida resident discount, I might rather just see any of the other parks as a “safe bet”. I guess they’re thinking most visitors right now would be Florida residents, but that discovery was surprising.

  2. Joshua

    This Park geared toward your inner kid and children which allows you to see what a single Lego Brick can create. In other review I’ve seen price been a concern. People who shop on-line can save on over all ticket pricing for both touriest and residental, also thier sponser are promoting which are giving free admission for your kids. I belive that the timing was great for the grand opening, and perfect for the weather, and tourest season to be in bloom. My Girlfriend and I enjoyed our visit to Legoland Florda on Grand Opening Day, which was very fun and exciting.

  3. Julian

    Wow…is there anything original in Florida? 😉 Everything that appears there seems to always have its origins here in Cali.

  4. Lee

    DO NOT WASTE UR TIME HERE!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of 75 dollars and they are only open from 10am – 5pm the thing that got me was if you want to just visit their very small water park you have to pay the normal price of 75 plus an extra 12 dollars for the waterpark even if you are not going to visit the theme park part. We ate lunch at the buffett where they had pizza salad etc the food was cold and the employes were very rude they were out of pepsi fruit punch and dr. pepper the only 3 things we as a family like to drink when I brought it to the managers attention he said try the machine on the other side and walked away well hellooooo idot dont u think i did? All the employees were rude noone had a smile their shows were dumb even my 7 and 8 year old were bored they have bad ant problems which ended up having us leave 2 hours early after my 1 year old got attacked. We had my nephew with us who has alot of health problems therfore he is very small for his age he was insulted and called a liar by one of the workers on the driving school ride when they asked him how ol he was he said 8 the man laughed and said nice try my nephew said no really i am he said thats a lie well my husband has to jump in at that point I will never go back here again to expensive for what it is and u get treated better at busch gardens just thought i would share im actually doing some research and contacting the chairman of legoland mainly for the way my nephew was treated this place is trash!!!!!!!!!!!

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