Comments for Bob Iger to be replaced as Disney CEO in 2015, will become executive board chairman through mid-2016


  1. is that normal? how long does a ceo typically last. When I was a kid Eisner was the dude…so i have no reference.

  2. I would assume 15 years is a good stint. It’s nice to mix it up after 15 years I would think. I don’t know who I want to replace him

  3. Iger’s term as CEO isn’t particularly unusual. The average CEO lasts less than 10 years, and Iger has only been Disney CEO for six years, but he’s been company president for 11 years (Iger became company president in 2000, but only added CEO in 2005). Only Roy O. Disney and Michael Eisner have lasted more than ten years as Disney CEO.

  4. OT

    Will he top Michael Eisner with the Disney Paris and California adventure flops? Maybe only Avatar Land, the worst and most expansive “land” in Walt Disney World?

  5. Jonathan

    Sorry Aaron,
    Disney did have a CEO that lasted longer than Roy or Eisner. I think his name was Walt.

  6. rick

    sorry jonathan,
    Walt was never CEO. He was President, Roy was CEO from 1929-1971. In 1966-1971 Roy held both President and CEO titles. And they were co-chairmen of the board together from 1945-1960, when roy became sole chairman. Most people don’t realize that Roy was as big a part of the Walt Disney Company as Walt was.

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